Community Guidelines

Version: 10th of Jan, 2024

The primary purpose of the MapHub community is to collaborate on map projects.

What is not allowed?

We are committed to maintaining a community where users are free to express themselves and challenge one another's ideas, both technical and otherwise. Such discussions, however, are unlikely to foster fruitful dialog when ideas are silenced because community members are being shouted down or are afraid to speak up. That means you should be respectful and civil at all times, and refrain from attacking others on the basis of who they are. We do not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into the following:

What happens if someone breaks the rules?

There are a variety of actions that we may take when a user reports inappropriate behavior or content. It usually depends on the exact circumstances of a particular case. We recognize that sometimes people may say or do inappropriate things for any number of reasons. Perhaps they did not realize how their words would be perceived. Or maybe they just let their emotions get the best of them. Of course, sometimes, there are folks who just want to spam or cause trouble.

Each case requires a different approach, and we try to tailor our response to meet the needs of the situation that has been reported. We'll review each abuse report on a case-by-case basis.

Actions we may take in response to an abuse report include but are not limited to:

Legal Notices

We dedicate these Community Guidelines to the public domain for anyone to use, reuse, adapt, or whatever, under the terms of CC0-1.0.

These are only guidelines; they do not modify our Terms of Service and are not intended to be a complete list. MapHub retains full discretion under the Terms of Service to remove any content or terminate any accounts for activity that violates our Terms on Acceptable Use. These guidelines describe when we will exercise that discretion.